Biomimicy: design inspiration from nature

Biomimicry is one of the topics that I will be discussing frequently on this blog. Biomimicy in it most basic definition is an imitation of the way nature does things. Nature has been at work, if you will, for million of years in designing processes and systems that work. They work because they exist in harmony with nature and the universe. Nature grows, but it is able to do in balance. Nature has little or no concept of waste; each byproduct and output has an important use. Many outputs are recycled back into production by nature. Most importantly, nature operates without damaging our universe or endangering the species that inhibit it.

There is a lot that can be learned from the way nature designs its systems. Recently, designers have been looking at nature for solutions to our most demanding problems and design challenges. The ideas and solutions inspired by nature are unique, efficient, and have proven to be the most innovative in many cases. The examples are numerous and I will be presenting some of them in future.

I have two videos on biomimicy. The first is a Ted Talk by  Janine Benyus on Biomimicy in action, and I highly recommended for anyone that wants to be inspired by biomimicy. The second is a short video that I put together myself as part of a class assignment. It is not the highest quality, but has served it purpose in allowing me to experiment with video as a media for blogging and expressing ideas.



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1 Response to Biomimicy: design inspiration from nature

  1. Alex H. says:

    I would be interested to see future posts dedicated to biomimicry. I have never heard of the term referred to as “biomimicy” before. One of my favorite idols is Antoni Gaudi, a Catalan architect who devoted his live to biomimicry. One of his most famous works of art is the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. You should check it out! It was said that the building would never be finished, but with today’s technology and funding the building is almost complete.

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