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  1. I enjoyed the geoengineering post. I think that we need to do the geoengineering research and development while working to create an entirely clean energy world. It’s a both and rather than an either or. We have no idea how much the climate will change and we need to be as prepared as possible. If I were asked where to spend a limited amount of money right now, I would say it should be spent on building out the clean energy technologies we already have but I believe there is enough to go around. Some people are very interested in geoengineering and the research needs to be done. I do feel we would be crazy to actually deploy geoengineering solutions (at least the ones they’ve thought up so far). It’s kind of like messing with genetic engineering. There are excellent arguments against it AND I don’t think we should waste our time arguing, but rather pursue all angles with an emphasis on deploying what we already know to be effective (like pricing carbon).
    (sent this from your about page because I can’t figure out how to comment on the blog posts)

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