The new consumers and the shifting paradigm of branding

The content of this blog post was generated from the notes that I took during an interactive workshop conducted by BBMG: during the Net Impact 2011 conference. The workshop was titled Meet the New Consumers: Five Marketplace Trends that are Revolutionizing Sustainable Brands. I was extremely impressed by the information and content of this workshop that I felt it warrants a blog post here as it applies to the use of Innovation and Creativity in Sustainability.

The main premise of the workshop is that sustainability is the biggest opportunity of our time. The consumers are changing; the new consumer purchases with purpose. The core values of the new consumer has them look at the total value of a product, the experience, what the product means for the whole as opposed to the individual consumer, and how they can contribute to co-create future products.

As a result of this shift in consumers, branding is shifting as well. It is moving from a product, a logo/tagline, marketing, transaction, monologue, buying, what to experience, empowering platform, movement, transformation, co-created dialogue, being, and how.

BBMG looked at 5 marketplace trends that enables a product or idea to shift from a trend, to a tipping point, to mainstream. The trends are:

  1. Deliver total value
  2. Paint a bigger picture
  3. Be their champion
  4. Make more out of less
  5. Invite them in

Indeed these new trends are about the new consumers wanting it all, about them asking what’s in it for we, about taking control, about simplicity and meaning, and about viewing participation as the new consumption.


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